Bryce Brecheisen, Owner

Bryce Brecheisen has been in the coaching industry for over 10 years and continues to train with some of the best in the business.   For years he’s led weekly training and development seminars for large crowds – seminars designed to empower leadership, enhance communication and relationships,  and help people disappear the constraints and barriers to performing at a high level.  He’s also led thousands of individual coaching calls to support people in producing results. 

In 2012 he decided to bring his coaching experience to the world of business as another access for making a difference, accepting an opportunity to train with highly experienced professionals.  Since then he has contributed to the growth of numerous companies of diverse size and industry.  Lightray Business Coaching began in 2016 as a unique expression and an opportunity to continue causing breakthrough results with his clients.

His business background includes 15 years on the business management side the film industry producing visual effects animation for film.  In that capacity he managed large teams of artists, developed workflow pipelines, created systems to track and manage large amounts of data, and managed multi-million dollar budgets.  (IMDB)